Winter is coming to an end and spring is barely a month away, we are also a couple of months away from the start of Easter and our little ones will be enjoying a few days of holidays. For some of them, it will be a very special spring, as they will be able to enjoy a will celebrate their First Communion. This means that there are many preparations and nerves ahead, such as choosing the right communion menu, choosing the perfect venue, the communion dress or suit, managing family, friends and guests.

Today we want to give you some tips so that you can plan ahead for this special day for your children and make it an unforgettable day for them.


Children look forward to the day of Communion with great excitement, they will remember it forever and that is why it would be quite positive for them that are involved throughout the whole process on the day of the celebration of the eventFor example, we must take into account their tastes or preferences regarding the communion menuThe decoration and other elements such as the theme of the communion cakeof course always under our supervision. They are the protagonists of this great day, which is why they we must not organise this event as if it were an adult celebrationand we must see it for what it is, an event for children.


It will be necessary to look for a suitable communion dress or suit, nowadays the catalogue and the options are extensive and varied, leaving behind period dresses, princess dresses and sailor costumes.. Nowadays the trend in communion dresses and suits is towards the simple, moving the current children's fashion also for this celebration. On the internet there are a lot of sites to see communion dresses and suits, you can spend a few evenings together to look at what they like best and feel comfortable with. Pinterest and specialised shops will be a great source of inspiration.


It would not be bad allocate part of the budget, among other things, to the decoration of the Communion.If a particular theme is to be followed, it will set the tone for the style of the event. There is no need to invest heavily in thisbut with a few original ideas, you can opt for a few details that will make a difference. At Doña Francisquita Catering we offer the service of assembly and decoration of communions with some amusing proposalsballoons, cake decorations, theming of stations such as a Candy-Bar loaded with sweets, candies and knick-knacks, a hamburger or hot dog stand American-style or a lemonade and soft drinks corner.

Also plan some group activities, games, a craft workshopdance or whatever you can think of. Hiring a children's entertainer will make this task much easier.. For the decoration we can use simple elements that give good results and adapt to the children's tastes, such as their favourite characters or drawings, flowers, etc.


There are currently a multitude of Communion gifts available, but the trend nowadays is to offer original and fun details.. We can spend some afternoons with our children making a craft to give to our guests, making a sweet with their initials or making a creative frame to put the photo as a reminder of the communion. Another option is order a Communion cake with a detail that our child likes. or representative figure as a reminder.


If the costume and decoration are important, among other aspects, so is the venue. A place surrounded by nature, where the children feel at ease, where they can play and run around safely, being ideal a place with lawns and gardens, in an enclosed area and away from traffic so that they are at ease and do not feel too watched, even though must always be under our supervision. Our La Tosca Estate It brings together all these elements as it has open spaces, in an enclosed area and also has a large lawn and beautiful gardens.This is one of the best venues for Communion celebrations in Malaga.

Let yourself be advised by good ideas, in Doña Francisquita Catering Malaga we are specialists in the organisation and celebration of CommunionsWe can help you and offer you a handful of ideas to celebrate one of the most special days for your children.

Check our menus for communions in Malaga and enjoy an incomparable setting in this fantastic venue.

La Tosca EstateThe best place for the organisation and celebration of communions in Malaga.