Would you like to organise a celebration at home as a cocktail party for your friends and family, a communion, a christening, a children's party or to celebrate your birthday or anniversary.?

At Doña Francisquita Catering Malaga we have been participating and organising a large number of parties, celebrations and all kinds of events for years, always providing that touch of originality that you want for your guests.

In this post we offer you a few ideas of themed corners with which to surprise your guests at your celebrations. These are some of the proposals we have for all audiences and ages. We start with the 8 themed corners to dazzle at your celebrations and events.

1.- Assorted kiosks and candy buffet

Doggy carts, ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, popcornetc..., can be a very original idea for everyone, and will fill your celebration with colour.

Doña Francisquita Catering - Puesto de Perritos Calientes

Doña Francisquita Catering - Puesto de Helados

Doña Francisquita Catering - Puesto de chuches

Doña Francisquita Catering - Puesto de Palomitas

2.- Chocolate Fountain

They are perfect to add a sweet touch to any celebration. With sponge cakes, fruit, marshmallows, profiteroles... all bathed in the best chocolate.. The Chocolate Fountain will be a big hit with young and old alike.

Doña Francisquita Catering - Fuente de Chocolate

3.- Gin and tonic bar

Do you want to end your celebration on a high note? The gin and tonic bar will be the perfect finishing touch., uses premium gins as well as top-notch tonics, under the expert hands of a good cocktail shaker, will make a unique experience out of every glass.

Doña Francisquita Catering - Barra de Gin Tonic

4.- Sushi Corner

The best of Japanese and Oriental cuisine. Nigiris, sashimis, makis, uramakis... the best raw materials and careful preparation. The Sushi Bar never fails.

Doña Francisquita Catering - Stand de Sushi

5.- Barbecue

Barbecue, barbecue and barbecue are synonymous with grilled meat - fire up the grills to offer the best meat at its best!

Doña Francisquita Catering - Barbacoa

6.- Live cooking

Skewers, oriental cuisine, toasts, all kinds of delicatessen.... in your own home, made on the spot, you won't be able to resist. Let your guests enjoy the artisan cuisine prepared live and direct.

Doña Francisquita Catering - Cocina en directo

7.- Pintxos Stand

The pintxos are bite-sized snacks served in bars and taverns all over the Basque Country, they are culinary art in miniature. The bar of pintxos comes loaded with flavour and colour.

Doña Francisquita Catering - Estación de Pintxos

8.- Iberian Cured Meat and Cheese Corner

And last but not least... the cheese and Iberian cheeses corner will undoubtedly add a great attraction to your celebration or event. Cured Sheep Cheese, Payoya Artisan Sheep Cheese, Blue Cow Stilton, Brie Reblochon de Savoie AOP and Iberian cheeses such as Iberian loin, Sarta sausage and acorn-fed sausage.

Doña Francisquita Catering - Tabla de Quesos

What do you think of these 8 themed corners to dazzle at your celebrations and events? At Doña Francisquita Catering Malaga we offer you all these and many more, we work very closely with our clients to customise the event to their needs.

Do you have any original ideas for themed Stands or Corners? Then come and leave us a comment. You can also check out some of our themed corners in our Instagram.