When organising a birthday party, anniversary or any other celebration, we want to be original, to create an unforgettable and fun day for everyone. That's why we want to propose you in this post, ideas to create and theme your party, learn how to create your own theme parties and not die trying..

Organise theme parties have become very fashionable in recent years, both for adults and children. Surely you have already participated in some themed parties of some style, sometimes, they can be repetitive, as is the case of the Ibiza or Hawaiian party.

At Doña Francisquita Catering not only can we prepare catering adapted to your party themes, but we also want to help you create a fun and unforgettable party. Here are our contributions for your next theme party:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean. Turn your guests into real Jack Sparrows with a pirate party. To get the best atmosphere, decorate the space with pirate flags, parrots, palm trees, skulls, treasure chests or ships. Music is essential to create atmosphere, we recommend the soundtrack of the film (Pirates of the Caribbean) and, of course, your guests should wear a pirate costume, ideally a character costume. If the venue has a swimming pool or is on the beach, the originality will increase and the fun is guaranteed.
  • Madrid's movida. Travel back in time to the 1980s. The key ingredients are: disco music, hair and punk-rock clothing. We recommend using disco lights to create atmosphere and especially playing the hits of the time such as: Kaka de luxe, Alaska y los Pegamoides, Alaska y Dinarama, Pop Decó / Paraíso, Radio Futura, Nacha Pop, Los Secretos or Danza Invisible.
  • Peace and love. With this party, we go back to the 60's with a hippie party, very easy to organise. Fill your space with prints, flowers and colours. The van and the peace symbol, along with guitars, long hair and braids, is the most characteristic of the era.
  • Hollywood. If you are passionate about cinema, this is the party for you. The creativity of the costume is one of the most important points, there is a wide range of possibilities, from the great characters such as Charles Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, to characters from more recent films such as Kill Bill. The decoration of the space is very simple: posters and music from the most emblematic Hollywood films.
  • Viva Mexico. For lovers of Mexican cuisine, we bring a proposal full of flavours Doña Francisquita - Birthday party Mexicoexplosivos. Celebrate your birthday or anniversary with a party set in this beautiful country. To do so, decorate with banners, sombreros, garlands, Mexican music and lots of colour. Of course, we can't forget to dress up as authentic Mexicans and offer the most typical Mexican dishes. But if we want to go further, we can delve deeper into their culture, we suggest you watch the film Coco and base the party on the atmosphere that is recreated in the country to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Here make-up is the protagonist.

You can complement each theme with a personalised photocall or with a competition for the most original costume, for example if you create a Hollywood style party, award the Oscar to the best costume. You decide!

But regardless of the option you choose, don't forget that the flavour you add to your party will be the key to win over your guests. You know that people are won over through their stomachs! That's why we suggest you contact us, so that you can make the most of your party by offering some delicious bites from our catering.