Catering for Sports Events

We are experts in catering for sporting events

Catering for sporting events is an essential service for any sporting event, be it a match, a race or any other sports related event, from simple options such as hot dogs and refreshments, to more elaborate options such as buffets and themed food stations. Depending on the event and available budget, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options can be offered to accommodate different dietary preferences.

We are the Official Catering Service of

Málaga CF - Catering para eventos deportivos
El Gourmet de la Roja - Escudo Blanco

Catering Service for Sports Events

Sporting events are an opportunity for society to come together and enjoy an exciting spectacle. Doña Francisquita Catering Málaga, as a catering service provider, is committed to putting flavour and quality into the experience.

For each event, we adapt our gastronomic offer to the specific needs and requirements of the stadiums, pavilions and VIP boxes. In this way, we ensure that attendees can enjoy a variety of delicious options and satisfy their culinary needs.

In addition, we are the catering company that provides services to the Spanish National Football Team through the brand El Gourmet de la Roja by Doña Francisquita.

Sports Events with Doña Francisquita Catering Málaga

We have a wide range of predefined menus that will simplify your choice.

We personalise the gastronomic proposal to your needs and tastes to make your event a unique and memorable moment.

We adapt to the format of your event: healthy breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners in cocktail format or served at a table, boat trips, etc.

Our kitchen team adapts the menus to allergies, intolerances or specific diets.

Creativity in cooking and presentation

Highly qualified, friendly and professional room service

We put at your service our contact list if you require decoration, lighting, sound or shows to complete your event.

We have a large personal and material infrastructure and the necessary operations to carry out large-scale events.

We offer our services anywhere in the world

We have our own venues for corporate events in Malaga and Granada. We collaborate with venues all over the country