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Corporate Christmas lunches and dinners: Advantages and how to survive them

Corporate Christmas lunches and dinners: There are just a few weeks left until Christmas begins, you know, that holiday when we celebrate the arrival of Jesus Christ into our world.

However, not only the religious celebrate this festivity, as all around the world, people gather with friends and family to celebrate on this date, each respecting their different traditions.

In the workplace, these types of celebrations serve to unite and motivate employees or colleagues in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring work teams together to enjoy a great evening, where they can reaffirm or consolidate team unity and also smooth out any rough edges, allowing the year to end on a positive note with renewed spirits.

These events are usually held during the first weeks of December, either for lunch or dinner, and provide great benefits to the company, as they help employees or colleagues interact and share experiences, stories, and anecdotes. It also helps everyone get to know each other and strengthen bonds, thus improving the work environment. These are just some of the benefits:

  • It improves relationships among coworkers, as they gather to converse and share anecdotes, allowing them to get to know each other better and feel more identified and comfortable in their work environment.
  • It strengthens teamwork. A fun and enjoyable Christmas lunch or dinner for the company will help bring team members closer together, as they tend to have more trust among themselves and will feel more identified with the work the team does.
  • Recognizing the work done by employees or teams. It’s an occasion to acknowledge the work performed; supervisors can take the opportunity to recognize or give special mention to outstanding employees.
  • Integrating new coworkers. The Christmas lunch or dinner is a great opportunity to integrate newcomers into the company, allowing us to get to know and share with other colleagues.

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Where to celebrate Christmas lunch or dinner in Malaga?

For this type of event, a date is usually arranged with a restaurant or event venue specially prepared and with the capacity for it, but it is increasingly common to hold the celebration at the company’s own facilities, depending on the characteristics and number of people in the company.

If you want something light, you can opt for a cocktail event where drinks and appetizers or canapés are served, usually with a set duration, and it will be the perfect starting point for celebrating the holidays.

More traditional companies opt for sit-down dinners with a longer duration and a welcome cocktail to break the ice among diners, followed by a lunch or dinner with several courses, desserts, and even a few hours of partying with music and an open bar.

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Tips for surviving a company Christmas lunch or dinner and keeping your job.

  1. Drink in moderation and don’t get drunk.
  2. Leave personal conflicts and grudges aside; it’s not the day to solve the world’s problems.
  3. Don’t hide or go unnoticed; show yourself as you are.
  4. If you’re going to ask for a raise, it’s not the best occasion.
  5. Try to avoid compromising photos at all costs; social media can be tricky.
  6. Don’t stay at home; although attendance is optional, it’s still work!
  7. Respect the dress code or etiquette that the company may require; make an effort if it becomes a themed celebration.
  8. And above all… have a lot of fun enjoying the company of your colleagues with whom you spend most of the year.


We hope that with all this, your company Christmas lunch or dinner in Malaga will be a success, improving work relationships and, therefore, increasing performance.

To learn about all the options for lunches, Christmas menus for companies, whether cocktail-style or served at the table for this year, remember that you can contact us or request a quote directly, and we will respond as soon as possible, offering you the best options that fit your needs or those of your company.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!