Jardín Botánico La Concepción

Minimum capacity: 0
Maximum capacity: 675
Events per day: 1

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What spaces are available?

Salones de banquetes
Zona ajardinada
Instalación para Carpa
Cocina para uso del catering
Zona / pista de baile

What services does it offer?

Ceremonia civil


En la ciudad

Is guest accommodation available?


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It is a unique place where fairytale weddings and celebrations of great importance have been held. A historic and important place in the province of Malaga.

Created in 1855 by the Marquises of Casa Loring, later extended by the Echevarría-Echevarrieta family, it is home to one of the most beautiful and largest collections of tropical and subtropical flora in the open air, with species from all corners of the planet.

It was officially declared a ‘historic artistic garden’ in 1943 and is now considered an Asset of Cultural Interest.


The Botanical Garden offers its services through the Patronato Botánico Municipal ‘Ciudad de Málaga’, which is currently the owner of the estate. Its services include guided tours, photography and the celebration of all kinds of events, both public and private. It also hosts cultural, protocol, charity, academic and social activities such as civil weddings, officiated by members of the Corporation.

It does not have a catering service as such, but Doña Francisquita has been providing catering services for weddings for years, organising fabulous celebrations in this place. If you would like more details about this place, please do not hesitate to contact us.